About Ram

Hello there!

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Hi! I’m Ram, photographer and the owner of Journeys of Euphoria photography. 

My Story :

It was the 30th floor of the famous One Shell Square in Downtown Louisiana on a cold winter morning. I was sitting through yet another excruciatingly painful 8AM meeting. As I stared into the blank space over the projector screen, the only thought running in my head was :

what if, in five years, all I have is a deep regret for not pursuing my passion for photography when I had the chance to.

And without a second thought, within a week I had made up my mind for the biggest leap of faith I could have taken. So yes, I quit a well-paying job, a decent lifestyle and stayed away from a new marriage to be shooting weddings for India’s finest wedding photographer.

And thus the journey began. A year later, I created Journeys of Euphoria and have been photographing the biggest days of people’s lives. There is a bit of my soul in every photograph I take. I strive to make images that’ll make my clients ecstatic! Take a look around this website– and if you like my vision I’d love for you to get in touch. I can’t wait to hear your story

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