Pricing estimates



Q. What are the packages you offer and what is your pricing like?” is one of the most frequently asked questions for any photographer. And is indeed the most difficult to answer if the client is expecting to hear back with a ready made price list. Here’s why: 

The pricing for wedding photography services depends a great deal on some major factors such as scale, schedule, style of the wedding and the expectations/requirements of the bride & groom. Let me explain. 

Indian weddings are as diverse as they can get. For example, one may choose their wedding to in an intimate setting with just 20-30 of their closest ones by the beach side, or choose to have the big fat wedding with 2000 guests in the biggest convention center in the city. While a mehendi event could be a simple evening where the bride and few other ladies are getting their henna done, it could otherwise be a grand gala event with lots of dance, music and masti. Similarly for a sangeet, it can be a casual night with some impromptu performances on the dance floor, or a production level sangeet with months of planning and preparation of several choreographed performances. 

When it comes to the clients’ preferences, some like their story told naturally as the day unfolds (which is more our style), and others like a very elaborate coverage of everything that happened and everyone that attended. For some albums do not matter, and for others, not getting albums is not an option. 

The point I’m trying to make through all this elaboration is : 
It is not possible to give you a concrete pricing information without getting to know all about your wedding and your requirements. The amount of hours spent shooting & editing, the number of photographers deployed, the amount of travel to your city greatly determine what your wedding photography is going to cost you. 

And hence, the recommended way forward is as follows : 

  1. Write to us with a formal inquiry
  2. We then schedule a call and discuss everything all in detail. 
  3. I send over a detailed quote. 
  4. We can then review any questions and concerns you may have. 
  5. If it all looks good, you can sign the contract and send in the booking amount.
  6. Your dates are immediately sealed and all other inquiries for those dates will be turned down. 
  7. Excitement ensues. 🙂 

Q. All this makes sense, but is there no simple way for us to know if you’re within our budget at all. 

Of course there is. But, for your quick convenience, here’s a blueprint that’ll help you roughly estimate your wedding photography costs. 

The below estimates are for you to get a very very rough ballpark figure and not a final number. 

  • Smaller events like Mehendi, Haldi, Couple shoot ( ~ 3-5 hours of coverage)  :  Rs. 25 – 50k
  • Bigger events like Grand Sangeets & Weddings ( ~ 6-10 hours of coverage) : Rs. 70k – 1L
  • Album design & processing fee : Rs. 20k
  • Printed albums (at cost price): Rs. 10-15k / unit

So, for example : If your wedding has the following events : Mehendi + Haldi + Sangeet + Wedding , your approximate quote *may* fall between Rs. 1.7 – 2.4 lacs for photography coverage and Rs.30 – 40k for the albums. 

Again, these are estimates just to give you an idea. I hate to present my pricing like a fast food menu, but when it comes to wedding photography, I’ve learned that presenting an approximate figure helps those who have no idea of what costs to prepare themselves for.